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Terms & Conditions Of Service

Terms and Conditions

By using Babysoft Carpet Cleaning’s services you agree to and are subject to the following terms and conditions as detailed below.


  • PRICING: Contractor services is not like buying products off the shelf at a retail store. Because every project and every home is different and we cannot take every factor into consideration, there are some restrictions, terms, and conditions applied to all of the prices shown online or provided over the phone. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to: difficult accessibility to cleaning areas, 2nd or 3rd floor apartments, high-rise condominiums, very heavy soiling, pre-vacuuming of large amount of debris on floors, extra thick or shag carpet or area rugs, oversized or sagging upholstery, tiles less than 12″ in size, poor carpet or tile installation, the shifting or moving of furniture, other time consuming issues, or anything else that we are unable to factor into the listed scope will have to be taken into account.  We attempt to price for the most common circumstances, but if this is not possible we will consult with you on all changes in scope of service and pricing to get your approval before any service is started. If you would like a quote before scheduling your service with us, we can set up a day and time to visit for an in-home consultation and quote (a $99 trip fee will be charged, but will be deducted from your service total on the day of your service). As an advanced deep cleaning company, the customer understands that our prices are based according to our high-end equipment, qualified and trained technicians, advanced deep cleaning methods, and outstanding customer service, and will not be similar in pricing or quality to that of maid services or fly-by-night cleaning “businesses”.  Our mission is NOT to bait and switch anyone, so it is important to us that we let you know that!  Please review these terms and conditions so that you are familiar with them.
  • WHOLE HOUSE FLAT RATE PRICING BY TOTAL SQUARE FEET: The technician reserves the right to verify the total “living” area of the home due to occasional appraiser inaccuracies.  We have experience where only the foundation square feet were measured for two story homes. 
  • PER ROOM PRICING:  Areas will be measured wall-to-wall (with furniture in the room already accounted for in our pricing scale) and areas exceeding our size limits (see below) will be considered, and charged as, two (2) areas.  Square feet are NOT transferable between areas.  
    • Area Size Limits Are: Rooms – 250 sq ft, Hallway – 50 sq ft, Walk-in Closet – 25 sq ft, Landings – 10 sq ft, Stairway Steps – 3 feet wide.
  • PER SQUARE FOOT:  This is not a spot cleaning service since our process involves cleaning continuous areas of carpet.  The minimum amount to clean any room or area by the sq ft will be $30 (for 30 sq ft).
  • PETS: Cleaning of any flooring surface in a home with pets will always be susceptible to post cleaning odors due to heavy accumulation of pet hair and dander.  We highly encourage all customers with pets to include a pet dander and/or pet purification with their cleaning service.    
  • HEAVY SOILING: Should carpet, upholstery, tile, wood flooring (or any of the other surfaces we clean) be heavily soiled, additional charges may apply for the additional time and materials required in order to properly clean the surface. Advertised scope and pricing is intended for moderately soiled materials. 
  • FURNITURE MOVING: Our pricing is for cleaning open areas only (carpet/tile/wood flooring/etc).  Moving (and block tabbing) furniture (coffee tables, sofas, love seats, end tables, etc) will incur an additional charge.  Large, heavy, and delicate furniture (i.e. Chinas, Large Dressers, Pianos, Etc) will not be moved. We do move small items as part of our standard cleaning service (i.e. dining room chairs, office chairs, small waste bins, office chair mats, etc.).
  • ACCESS/PARKING: Second or third level apartments or difficult to access homes or service locations will incur and additional access fee due to additional labor time required for appropriate access.  Service locations must also have suitable roads and parking for heavily loaded work vans (i.e. parking spaces near service location, no driving along dirt roads, no parking on the grass, etc.).  For homes we will require the entire width of the driveway to park in order to avoid pulling hoses through grass/dirt and into the home.
  • SPOTS/STAINS & SOILING:  (i.e. Red KoolAid or Sport Drink Dye Stains, Ink, Gum, Grease, Paint, Rust, Wine, Coffee, Tea, Bleach Spots, Make-Up, Blood, Filtration Lines Along Baseboards, Etc) or areas that may require additional cleaning due to heavy soiling conditions may be charged an extra fee based on the size, quantity, and complication of staining/soiling conditions.
  • AREA RUGS: Please note that we do not clean Silk, Sisal, Jute Rayon/Viscose, Sea Grass, Animal Skin, Tapestry-Like, or very high value “investment” rugs.
  • TILE & GROUT: Porcelain/ceramic flooring tile only.  Please let your technician know if any color sealer or wax has ever been previously applied to the tile and/or grout.  Floor tiles smaller than 12″, very thick or extremely thin grout lines, non-uniform grout line designs, heavy soiling, as well as tile and grout that has been previously waxed may incur an additional charge (due to extra labor and materials).
  • WOOD FLOORING: Cleaning of bare wood spots will require a waiver of liability before cleaning. Also, any wax on wood flooring must be removed before any cleaning procedure can proceed.
  • UPHOLSTERY: Upholstery that is heavily soiled, has a lot of pet dander and hair, has over-sized or heavily sagging cushions will incur an additional charge to address the additional labor required to provide a satisfactory cleaning.
  • DRYER VENT: Heavy, stacked, or complex washer/dryer installations, or tight spaces requiring clothes washer water line disconnection and moving may incur an additional charge.
  • CARPET STRETCHING: Full room is typically stretched out.  We measure the entire room to price carpet stretching.
  • SHOWER DOOR: Our shower door cleaning service is strictly for cleaning the glass only and does not include cleaning of enclosure or aluminum door frames.

** Our $99 minimum charge fee (and in-home quote trip charge) is for locations within approximately 15 miles of our dispatch location in Lutz, FL.  Locations beyond these boundaries may have a higher minimum to account for the additional trip charge.  If your services are priced above this minimum charge, you will not have a trip charge added to the total.  Once again, all in-home quote trip charges will be deducted from the final total on the day of service should you proceed with scheduling your service with us.

Payment Terms: Payment Due Upon Completion Of Service – Cash/Check/Credit Card (Cash or Check is Preferred!).

Please note that unoccupied properties, rentals, apartments, move-ins/outs, or if customer is not present must pay in advance of services being started [after your walk-though with the technician] by Cash or Credit Card ONLY (No Checks)! Certain recurring commercial customers may be set-up on a NET30 invoicing plan. 


General – Babysoft Carpet Cleaning agrees to perform the work specified by the client in a professional manner using every care to accomplish a satisfactory service, and to take every effort to protect the customer’s property from damage. We will only be limited in attaining the best results due to the condition and nature of the article being cleaned.  The client is agreeing to be bound by Babysoft Carpet Cleaning’s Terms and Conditions of Service after signing our work order.

All Price Quotes & Estimates – All “FREE” no obligation phone & online price quotes are only estimates, and pricing may change upon further inspection by technician. Price will be provided before work is performed. Pricing is subject to change at any time and without notice. No work will commence until the customer has agreed to the service by signing the work order in person, or by providing a verbal confirmation by phone, or written confirmation by handwritten note or email.  Should the customer have someone else (agent) approving the scope of service and pricing, the agreement approval will be as if the customer themselves are approving for and paying the amounts specified for the service. All in-person and email quotes are valid for 10 business days.

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal – Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will attempt to improve the appearance of your carpet that has been soiled and/or stained with foreign substances. You acknowledge that the carpet in its stained condition is of lessened value. You understand that there exist variations in carpet fabric and dye composition and that there are instances where stains may not be able to be removed with regular cleaning.  Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be responsible for failing to remove old / permanent stains, or pre-existing conditions that cannot be removed using regular carpet cleaning methods. Babysoft Carpet Cleaning is not responsible for invisible pre-existing damage, like loose seams, invisible cuts on carpet, delaminated carpet, or chemical reaction to non-visible substances on the floor which may discolor or bleach the carpet, etc.  You also understand that it is impossible to test for or predetermine the result of cleaning or stain removal treatment.

With full knowledge of the above you authorize Babysoft Carpet Cleaning to treat your carpet in an attempt to remove the soiling and stains. You understand there are variables beyond the control of  Babysoft Carpet Cleaning since carpeting, by nature, has certain permanent wear characteristics (fluffing, blooming, pile shading) that cannot be changed and may even be highlighted by cleaning. You agree to hold Babysoft Carpet Cleaning harmless for any damage caused to your carpet as a result of any cleaning or stain removal procedure. 

Upholstery Cleaning – You agree not to hold Babysoft Carpet Cleaning responsible for any of the conditions described below.  Backing, lining and other materials and processes used in the manufacture of upholstered items may produce adverse results in the surface material when cleaned. You understand there is no way of determining when such results will occur and that the fabric may be previously deteriorated due to factors such as fading, shrinkage, dry-rotting, watermarking, browning, or lose tensile strength. Foam batting may also have been treated at the factory with a fire retardant material, which may react with the moisture during cleaning and may visibly brown or discolor the exterior upholstery fabric.  Also understand that manufacturers will occasionally mark upholstery with a black or other colored marker on the backside of the fabric or on foam batting. You understand that this should not be done and it has the potential to bleed through the fabric when cleaned. Upholstery manufacturers are constantly changing materials and construction methods all the time, so while we do our best to keep up with all of the current trends and adjust our cleaning procedures accordingly, Babysoft Carpet Cleaning cannot be held responsible for any new materials or construction methods which may adversely affect the furniture piece due to cleaning. 

Tile & Grout – Babysoft will not be liable for any pre-existing conditions (visible or not) including but not limited to: cracked, loose, or broken tile or grout, hair-line cracks between tile & grout, or for hollow pockets under the grout (caused by improper installation) that may result in cracked tile.  Also, Babysoft will not be held responsible for the removal of pre-existing floor coatings including grout stain or efflorescence residue which may appear after cleaning. Also, pre-existing wax coatings and certain heavy soiling (due to prolonged absence of sealer) which may have bonded to the tile and/or grout cannot be removed using our standard cleaning process.  If applicable, an additional double cleaning may be required (or a wax removal stripping process may be required for wax) and will be charged at an additional cost. There is no guarantee that impregnated wax will be completely or even partially removed from the tile or grout. Re-grouting through an approved contractor may be required.  

Wood Floors – Babysoft will not be liable for any pre-existing (visible or not) conditions including but not limited to: cracks, chips, scratches, swirl marks, fading, discoloration, brittle or rotted wood, termites, acrylic wax, paste wax, or other foreign substances adhering to the floor, moisture intrusion issues, warping or rippling of softer woods to the exposure to moisture from our cleaning solutions and finish coatings.  Please consult with the manufacturer of your wood flooring to determine the correct cleaning process for your specific floor. Also, the removal of pre-existing acrylic wax coatings will require stripping of the wax before any cleaning is done or coatings are applied. Additional charges may apply for wax stripping. Paste wax will require the floor to be sanded down to bare wood, and Babysoft will not be able to perform our cleaning and recoat process on these floors.  Every effort will be made to identify paste wax on the floor, but Babysoft will not be held liable for not being able to properly identify paste wax on the entire or partial sections of the floor.

Urine/Feces/Vomit Odor & Stains – If your carpeting, upholstery, or tile & grout is currently damaged due to urine deposits and/or feces and/or vomit, you understand that these deposits can be activated by cleaning, releasing odor and staining material. You acknowledge that the carpet, upholstery, or tile & grout in this condition is of severely lessened value.  There is no guarantee implied or expressed that all urine/fecal/vomit odor and or stains will be removed, and you agree to hold Babysoft Carpet Cleaning harmless for any damage caused to your carpet, upholstery, or tile & grout as a result of any cleaning or stain removal procedure.

Carpet Repairs – All carpet repairs are a “salvage attempt” and no guarantee is implied or expressed that the repair will be unnoticeable or invisible. You acknowledge that the carpet in its damaged condition is of lessened value. You also understand that it is impossible to test for or predetermine the result of any carpet repair attempt.  With full knowledge of the above you authorize Babysoft Carpet Cleaning to attempt to repair your damaged carpet. You understand there are variables beyond the control of Babysoft Carpet Cleaning and understand that Babysoft Carpet Cleaning disclaims any liability for damage caused as a result of the attempt at carpet repair.   You agree to hold Babysoft Carpet Cleaning harmless for any damage caused to your carpet as a result of any carpet repair procedure.

Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide, Thermal Fogging, and Essential Oils Deodorizing – Unless specified in the scope of service, Babysoft will not be responsible for the removal or remediation of any pre-existing odor source material unless specifically addressed in our scope of service.  Regardless of odor removal process used, as long as the odor source is still present in the space being treated, no guarantee can be made as to the effectiveness or longevity of the odor removal process.  All processes except for essential oils will require no person, pets, or living plants to be present while the ozone process is in effect. Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be held liable for anyone or anything that is effected by not following our “No Entry” restrictions.   Babysoft may not be present after the deodorizing process is done, so it will be the customer’s responsibility to not allow anyone into the space until the space has been properly aired out. Essential oil deodorizing is all natural and safe for people, plants, and pets, although those sensitive to odors or with allergies should make precautions to avoid the space being treated until deodorizing is completed and the space is aired out..    

Dryer Vent Cleaning – Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will clean out dryer vents by using a negative pressure system with mechanical brush agitation from inside the home, and brushing upwards towards the dryer vent outlet terminal (or side of building or roof vent).  Climbing on the roof to check outlet terminal cleanliness and operation will only be done after positive pressure test indicates it is required, and only for single story, dry, low pitched, shingle roofs. Also, in order to access the indoor dryer vent inlet, it may be necessary to move the clothes washer, which may also require disconnecting the hot and cold water connections (or the water connection on some dryers).  Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be held responsible for water connections that have become corroded or seized, and which may cause irreparable damage to the clothes washer water connections and also create a water intrusion issue. Customer should know the location of the main water shut-off valve for the home before disconnection of water connections from clothes washer. Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be responsible should lack of access to a shut-off valve or lack of operation of the valve become apparent.  Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be responsible for washer water valve failures, washer hose gasket failures, or water main shut off failures. Please be sure to contact your plumber or appliance specialist should you have any plumbing issues with regards to your washing machine. Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be held responsible for any plumbing or water damage problems that may arise due to problems with disconnection of water connections. Also, any issues with improper drying after dryer vent cleaning may require an appliance check-up to make sure there is not an appliance issue before diagnosing the dryer vent.  Any permanent outlet terminal issues requiring more in depth repair or replacement must be done by a licensed roofing contractor.

Granite Countertop Clean, Polish, Seal – Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will clean, polish, and seal granite countertops.  Only countertops will be cleaned, polished, and sealed. Edges or vertical backsplash are not included and will be hand cleaned and polished only.  Please note that due to the many different varieties of granite countertops as well as new engineered products that are being introduced to the market everyday, Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be held responsible for mis-identifying your countertop material or for causing any damage to the countertop due to the products applied to clean, polish, and seal.  Also, our granite countertop clean, polish, and seal service does not include any kind of repair to damage, deep scratches, cracks, or chips. We do not provide repair to acidic damage or other types of natural stone burning which would require the use of diamond or resin pads. Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be responsible for pre-existing damage, including but not limited to: chips, scratches, cracks, transition defects, transition silicone deterioration or removal during polishing process, etc.  

Shower Door Cleaning – Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will clean glass shower doors in order to remove soap scum and other mineral deposits that have stained the glass.  We will not be able to fix issues which may have damaged the glass, including but not limited to, glass etching or other corrosive damage to the glass due to hard water, permanent staining, etc.  Babysoft Carpet Cleaning will not be responsible for pre-existing damage, including but not limited to: chips, cracks, glass not properly attached to door, door not properly attached to frame, or other pre-existing structural issues, or issues with adjacent tiles being broken or loose. 

Guarantee – Our Company performs the highest quality work and we back it up with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not  satisfied with any area cleaned, we will re-clean the area completely free of charge. 

All Babysoft Carpet Cleaning appointments include an unconditional 48 hour warranty against any spot reappearing. Should any spot re-appear we’ll gladly return and retreat the area completely free of charge when our office is notified within the first 48 hours following the completion of the service

** Guarantee does not include urine odors and stains, or general spots or stains that were qualified with the customer before work began or addressed in these terms and conditions. 

Due to the characteristics, age, and severity of some stains in carpet and upholstery fibers, as well as tile & grout, wood, granite,and glass, some stains may be permanent. This includes but is not limited to urine yellow stains, fecal stains, dyes, mustard, coffee/tea, cosmetics including nail polish, eye liner, make up, etc, paints, furniture stain, permanent markers, ink and chemicals with bleach or bleaching compounds to include acne ointments, toilet bowl cleaners and others products which may alter or discolor carpet and upholstery fibers, tile & grout, wood, glass, or granite. Also, older carpet or heavily worn carpet may have damage to the dye structure in the carpet fiber contributing to shades in the carpeting that the homeowner may mis-interpret as dirt.  Babysoft will not be able to remove or improve shading caused by damaged carpet dye structure or crushed pile.

Cancellations – The Client may cancel / reschedule a cleaning visit by giving at least 24 hours notice. If the customer cancels within 24 hours of service or fails to be present at their home, we will collect a $99 appointment fee upon rescheduling another appointment, and this fee will be deducted from the total once we arrive and start cleaning.  If the second appointment is cancelled within 24 hours or is a no show, the $99 appointment fee will be retained as a missed appointment fee. After three cumulative appointment cancellations within 24 hours or no shows, Babysoft reserves the right to not allow the customer from scheduling again.


12 Month Spot & Spill Scotchgard Warranty

Get a 12 month spot warranty with the application of Scotchgard Protector.  If a spot doesn’t come out with our Spot Out spot remover we’ll attempt to professionally remove the spot at no charge!

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