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How To Prepare

Please follow guidelines below to prepare for your cleaning and to get the most cleaning for your dollar:

1.  We love children and pets; however, due to insurance liability and because we are very busy working with machinery that operates at high vacuum suction, very hot steam temperatures, and very high pressures, we ask that you please keep children away from the immediate work area at all times.  Also, please be sure to secure all pets in a safe area or room that we will not be working in before your technician arrives.  

2.  Be sure to point out areas of concern to your technician, and let them know about spots and stains, what they are from, how long they have been there, and wht (if anything ) you have already tried to remove them.  The more information we know, the better our technician will know how to remove it (or if it can be removed).

3.  Remove all breakable items, toys, books, loose clothing, etc. from the areas you want cleaned.  Large debris should also be removed from the floor.

4.  If you will be moving furniture for us to clean under, please make sure that the furniture is moved out of the way before the technician arrives. Customers are NOT allowed to move furniture over wet carpet while we are cleaning.  If you need us to move furniture to clean under, please let your technician know so that they may factor in additional time to get it done (a nominal additional charge will be added for furniture moving).  Also, please make sure any furniture that you have moved is not blocking entrances or pathways to the areas we will be cleaning.  Just as a reference for you, we clean around most furniture on 99% of the carpet cleaning services we perform.  

5.  We may shift or block some light furniture to properly clean near, around, or underneath. We do not move beds, dressers, china cabinets, curios, pianos, or any other heavy, delicate, or unstable furniture.  Please be sure to remove all delicate or valuable items from furniture before we arrive.

6. Thoroughly vacuum all carpet and use a crevice tool along the wall edges and on steps. Pre-vacuuming removes the large debris so that out equipment can work better and give you better overall results. This would be a good time to install a clean vacuum bag to ensure optimal performance of your vacuum. This is especially important if you have pets that shed.

7. Please hang full length draperies that touch the floor on coat hangers from the rods so they are not touching the floor.  Sometimes you might be able to cross two drape panels together and let them hang that way.  

8. Please gather up up any bedspreads, bed sheets, or bed skirting that touches the floor.

9. We always respect your privacy and will not open doors that are closed in your home. If you would like the carpets in any room or in your closets cleaned, please be sure that the door is open and that you inform the Technicians of the areas you want cleaned.

10. Payment is required upon completion. We accept personal checks, cash, Visa, and Master Card (certain restrictions apply).

11.  We’re here to help!  Feel free to ask your technician any questions about how we perform our service.  We want you to be ‘A Raving Fan’ after your cleaning experience!!!

12.  Our technicians are also happy to let you know about any of our other services while in your home.  In addition to Carpet Cleaning, we also deep clean: Area Rugs, Upholstered & Leather FurnitureTile And GroutWood FloorsDryer VentsGranite Counter TopsGlass Shower Doors, and also do Carpet Stretching!
Let us know before your appointment so we can be sure to have all of the appropriate equipment with us. 

13.  Our van will be parking in your driveway, and we require at least the width of 2 parking spaces to pull our hoses from the side door of our work van, so please make sure any cars parked on the driveway are moved, and any cars in the garage or on the driveway that will need to leave during the service time be moved to an appropriate place on the street


Just a few quick reminders on how we determine areas for carpet cleaning: If pricing areas by the room for carpet cleaning, an area is any room up to 250 Sq Ft, measured wall-to-wall, with furniture in the room already accounted for in our pricing (also Sq Ft is not transferable between rooms).  Rooms over 250 Sq Ft will be priced according to its overall size and accessibilty.  Similarly, an area for hallways/walk-in closets have a limit of up to 50 Sq Ft, and stairway landings have a 25 Sq Ft limit.  Areas over these limits may be charged an extra amount due to the additional time and materials required for cleaning.  Also, stairway steps wider than 3 feet may incur a small additional charge due to the extra area to clean.  Again, our “Per Area/ Per Room” pricing has already taken into account any furniture that may be in the room, so measurements will be taken wall-to-wall.


Please Note: Our “Sight Unseen” Online Pricing Page, and Quotes or Estimates provided over the phone or by email are just that…estimates.  Issues like very heavy soiling conditions, thick carpet, heavily soiling conditions, or difficult accessibility to a work area may incur additional charges that are difficult to estimate sight unseen.  Your technician will provide you with a “to-the-penny” price when they arrive and perform the walk-through consultation with you.  Despite what may have been discussed over the phone or email, the technician has final say as to what constitutes an area to be cleaned, and whether additional materials and/or labor are required for conditions outside of our standard scope of service.   We always try our best to NOT add-on additional charges, but it may be necessary depending on the circumstances and conditions.  If you would like to set-up a “quote only” appointment, we do charge a quote fee (which will be deducted from the final cleaning price if you proceed with the cleaning, so you will pay nothing additional if you book your service with us).  For ballpark pricing just go to the pricing page here on our website.

Prepare For Your Cleaning

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