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Carpet Stretching

Extend the life of your carpet by having loose carpet stretched….NOT replaced!

Re-stretching a house can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs! 


Some carpets may wrinkle up over a period of time. Whether from poor installation, humidity, heavy furniture in the room, or a backing that has lost it’s strength, loose carpet can create a number of problems. These carpets need carpet stretching. Carpets can become difficult to clean and vacuum, can become a tripping hazard, and it just makes the room look just plain unsightly.  Also, wrinkled or damaged carpet can cause the carpeting to wear out much faster than carpet that is secure around the edges and seams and that lies completely flat and tight to the sub-floor and padding.  


All of these situations can be corrected by having one of our qualified carpet technicians re-stretch the carpet.  We have years of experience in carpet repair and re-stretching and only use professional equipment (including using power stretchers to re-stretch carpets instead of using plain old inadequate knee-kickers…which is what caused the carpet to get loose in the first place. 

Carpet Stretching Process


Carpet Stretching



We exclusively use power stretcher tools to stretch loose carpet.  These tools generate an immense amount of force versus using the standard knee-kicker tool that all carpet installers use.  The knee kicker is the reason that the carpets became loose in the first place.  Installers use them because they are quick, and make the carpet look like it has been installed properly, but the carpet is actually still loose and will slowly begins to wrinkle as the weeks and months go by and furniture and foot traffic begins to further loosen the carpet.  Let us do it right and stretch out the room so you never have carpet loosening again.    


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